What If This Is The Perfect Indoor Outdoor Rug?

 Mad Mats Make The Ultimate Stylish  Indoor Outdoor Rug

 I am just so excited I came across this Mad Mats striped floor rug.! It’s simply the most perfect indoor outdoor rug. Warm Autumnal tones in deep  reds, burnt orange, sand and chocolate brown look stunning against out wooden floorboards and I actually purchased it online at an excellent discount.

It has proved to be very useful to me, especially during the muddy seasons of the winter months with our 2 Labradors and their muddy paws. If you have dogs, you’ll know what I mean. Most of the time I can sweep of the mud once it has dried and I can give it a really good clean by washing it down with soapy water, a broom and the hose which takes all of 10 minutes for all you busy people out there.

Mad Mats make quality, handmade rugs made under Fair Trade conditions and most are made from recycled materials which the Stripes indoor outdoor floor rug mat is. The Stripes rug we bought measures 5 by 8-Feet, and is just beautiful.  The colors are just as they appear in the pictures where I saw them in the online market of Amazon.

Mad Mats Stripes Indoor OutdoorRug, 5 by 8-Feet, Warm Brown

Mad Mats Stripes Indoor Outdoor Rug In Blue Tones
Mad Mats Stripes Indoor Outdoor Rug in Grey tones
Brown patio rug

They compliment our cushions for our outside furniture and helped me decide to put the one that I purchased right on the floor of  the outside door of the veranda. These Mad Mats, Stripes, indoor outdoor floor mats or floor rugs  are available in different sizes:  4’x 6′, 5’x 8′ and 6’x 9′.

Mad Mats are designed and handmade from intricately woven 100% recycled plastic, are UV protected and fade-proof, produced under Fair Trade conditions

They are actually made of a very strong synthetic durable and hard wearing material,  100% polypropylene with a polyester/nylon ribbon woven throughout out to give the  Stripes rug its unique detailed finish.

Benefits Of The Mad Mats Stripes Rug:

  • Available in Aqua Grey, Brown, Warm Brown and Warm Grey
  • Sizes available; 4’x 6′, 5’x 8′ and 6’x 9′.
  • Multi-colored threads are woven in much the same fashion as real flat weave wool rugs.
  • Made from the highest grade polypropylene with a polyester/nylon ribbon recycled from used soda bottles, milk bottles, packing,  producing soft, resilient colorfast threads that don’t absorb dirt or stains of any kind.
  • Water goes right through the rug and evaporates right back out
  • All Mariachi products are produced under fair trade conditions
  • These are the original Mad Mats rugs famous for their lasting quality and sophisticated design
  • Mad Mats display the genuine Gold Standard Mad Mats label so you know you’ve got the real thing
  • Mad Mats breathe; they don’t trap water so they won’t mildew or rot wooden decks


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An Indoor Outdoor Rug Which Is Versatile and Fade Resistant

The polypropylene materials used in the Stripes rug makes it very durable, and fade resistant enough to be left outside for the whole year without having to take any care of it. This is the best kind of indoor outdoor rug for those who are very busy and don’t have time for maintenance! The Mad Mats area rug is extremely versatile and good looking, so much so it can be taken anywhere and used anywhere.

I am even looking forward to buying two or three more this summer to make my outdoors area a very comfortable space to spend time.. I feel under the outdoor table would look good, or maybe in front of that comfy rattan sofa …..Stripes is available in 4  colors so you can choose which piece will suit your decor:

From the warm tones, cool tones to bold tones, to subtle tones, you’ll find there is the perfect Mad Mats indoor outdoor rug that is perfect for you:)

They design and make a range of mats in simple and bold designs, geometric, flowers and traditional, making them ideal choices for any number of uses and locations.

Taking Care Of Your Indoor Outdoor Rug

Taking care of your Mad Mats indoor outdoor rug very easy since all you need do is wash it down with a hose, mop it or vacuum it.  They retain their color exceptionally well because of the synthetic materials used, unlike cotton or wool rugs which will always fade over time.

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