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what's the best portable BBQ to make my patio and deck look nice?

Up until this year we never really paid much attention to the floor mat at the back door. I’d wipe my shoes or boots on it when I’d get inside from gardening or shopping and kick them off right there. By morning I’d put them back on at the same spot, stomp my feet once or twice on that same mat and then leave for work. I guess I figured the plastic floor mat would last forever.

Then one day, Judy from work invited me over for a barbecue. She had what she called an ‘outdoor living room’ and I fell in love with how nice Judy and Ben’s outside living area was that filled a good portion of her patio. But this was not just any patio. It was a giant seating area with tables, lamps, a multi media centre and cold beverage storage container. On top of this, there was a complete outside kitchen with propane cooking surface, cupboards, deck boxes for storage and extra seating, seating and whatever else you would expect indoors – but out on his patio area.

What caught my attention most was the interesting selection of indoor outdoor area rugs that were used to keep each section defined. These weren’t your typical indoor outdoor rugs, either. They were artistic, some had patterns while others had textures. Some were almost too nice to walk on but that was what they were meant for.

My name is Claire and I was obviously missing the whole point of what deck, or as they are also called, patio mats can do for a living space. While I thought they were mostly for wiping my feet/shoes/boots to prevent mud or dirt from getting tracked into the rest of the house, I missed that they could be bold statements of definition setting the tone and flavor of a room or outdoor patio.

The part I completely did not realize was how these indoor outdoor rugs can actually save you money. In fact, what I found out about that really changed my mind about the ratty old floor mat at our back door. Large rugs can help you reduce the amount of energy you use during the winter to keep your house warm, which saves you money. I had no idea and now that is what I promote as the biggest reason to consider covering your floors with indoor outdoor area rugs.

As for Judy’s outdoor living area, I’ve added a smaller version of her gorgeous patio  and added a comfy seating area in my yard as an extension off of my deck. It increases the amount of useful living space on my property and I find I am spending more time in my yard during the warmer months than I ever did before. What makes it homey for me is the patio accessories I have used in and around the area and on my deck.

Not sure how this can enhance your home and patio? I understand how you feel but let me share with you some of my favorites and maybe you’ll grow to appreciate these patio accessories and  indoor outdoor rugs as much as I do.


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