Benefits Of Using Deck Boxes For Outdoor Storage

what are the benefits of using deck boxes for storing items?

Have you ever looked at your outdoor space and muttered through gritted teeth, that’s it, this crap has to go? Patio or deck boxes  are the ideal solution to keep the outdoor household clutter neatly confined ( under control) in one place. The many benefits of using deck boxes for outdoor storage may get you inspired to think about having one.

When outdoor areas are so popular for BBQ’s, parties and relaxing in the warmer months, they feel  more “livable” when they are maintained in excellent condition. By being creative and beautifying your outdoor living area, not only will your home will feel more livable, it’ll be a more welcoming place for your guests to enjoy. Here’s some creative patio decorating tips to get inspired by this spring.

What’s the easiest and fastest way to tuck items away? A simple way to tuck items away is using patio storage boxes or deck boxes. Patio boxes are a convenient, stylish and multi-functional addition to your space. They are versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as extra seating, storage for furniture, garden supplies, and barbecue equipment.

Let’s take a look at why patio boxes are a terrific addition to your patio:

1. Storage

Where do you put “stuff” that seems to magically build up?? It’s quite likely you have items sitting on your patio or out in the backyard you want to safely stash away out of sight. Or things you’d prefer to store indoors, but don’t have any space for.

Patio boxes are the perfect solution for storing items you’re not able to find room for. They can be used to store items that are used on a daily basis such as cushions, rugs, BBQ tool, or even kids toys. They can hide  the overflow of gardening or work tools from other spaces such as the garage or shed…

Safe And Dry

A durable and roomy waterproof outdoor storage box keep the items inside safe, dry and protected, including the fragile ones. They’re also waterproof, which means your items will be weather protected under various weather conditions, even when storms sweep in.

A lot of patio deck storage boxes come with floor panels for maximum weather protection against the outside elements.

Extra Security Features

In case you want the added security of being able to lock the box against intruders or kids, one of the benefits of using deck boxes with locks provide added security against unwelcome intruders!

Buy The Right Size To Hide “Stuff”

Choosing the right sized patio box for your home works wonders to both organize and optimize your storage space. Plus clear out the mess that’s been strewn around your patio or house for a while.  A win win situation, especially for busy people!

Easy storage solutions help you achieve that super neat and organized outdoor space that you’ve been longing for.

2. The Benefits Of Using Deck Boxes For Extra Seating

best storage box for outdoors

This is one of the many benefits of using deck boxes, they multi task! Need some additional seating when friends come over for a BBQ? Patio boxes are a useful combo of functionality and style. Owing to their versatility, they could be used for extra seating when necessary.

These boxes come in various sizes and styles, and you could easily find storage boxes that look like bench seats, complete with handles on the sides.

If you are looking for this particular style, make sure before you buy to check the weight capacity for seating. Buy one that’s most appropriate for your use.

Yes, they are functional pieces of furniture, choose the right one and they can add a trendy element to your patio. A trendy designer storage box for your patio can add a whole new vibe and lift the entire look and feel of your patio.

Throw down a large sized outdoor rug in an attractive geometric design, add an outdoor table, a wood look deck box, strings of fairy lights, some new outdoor furniture and suddenly you have created an inviting outdoor space for the family to enjoy.

3. Setup and Portability

Thankfully and fortunately most patio boxes are incredibly simple to assemble and require no special tools for setting up!

They’re practically designed and typically come with handles that make it easy to move them around when you’ve decided to redecorate your deck or patio.

Usually patio boxes aren’t too large, they don’t take up excess space on the patio. The positive aspect of this means your outdoor living area won’t look too cluttered, plus the current mess will be nicely tucked away out of sight too, more benefits of using deck boxes:)

Patio Box Sizes and Materials

Now that we’ve covered the advantages of having a patio box, let’s take a look at the variety of sizes and materials they come in.


Patio storage boxes come in a wide variety of sizes. There is literally a deck storage box size for every situation!

Did you know there is a patio box in every shape and size for every space. They are available in:

  • Round- great option for small spaces and works as a coffee table
  • Rectangle- perfect option for patios, pool storage, garages and backyards
  • Square – perfect for smaller spaces and doubles as a coffee table
  • Vertical –  looks like a cupboard
  • Bench seat boxes – same design as a park bench.

Generally, the capacity of these boxes is measured in terms of gallons. If you need to store a lot of items in the box, then you’ll need to choose a larger sized one that can comfortably hold all the items.

Another crucial factor. Box dimensions. Will it fit into the space, is it high / wide enough? Take into account the dimensions of the box. If you don’t have enough space on your patio, then purchasing a large storage box is a waste of time and money. The benefits of using deck boxes which are different sizes and shapes means there’s one to functionally fit every area.

Choose an attractively designed patio storage box which will ideally complement your outdoor area, rather than cluttering it, or bringing down the overall look of the space.

Patio boxes come in the following sizes:

1. Small

Some of the smallest patio boxes have a capacity of 50 gallons. This is ideal for storing soft items that are adjustable and don’t take up too much space, like pillows, towels, and cushions. The benefits of using deck boxes this small is they take up the least amount of space, plus they can be used as a coffee table.

2. Medium

Medium-sized patio boxes offer between 51-99 gallons of space. Again, these could be used for storing adjustable materials like towels and cushions, but they’re also a great option for storing certain gardening tools and plant pots.

3. Large

If you have a massive outdoor living space, then a large-sized storage box could be the ideal fit. These boxes provide a roomy 100-149 gallons of space.

Not only is this a practical size for storing plenty of items, it also adds plenty of extra seating to your space. You could store pool maintenance tools, gardening supplies, large plant pots, toys, and even pillows in these.

4. Extra Large

Extra-large storage boxes are ones that offer more than 150 gallons of storage space. These can store the widest variety of items- from large gardening supplies to car tools. But it’s best to select a box of this size only when there’s enough space to accommodate it.

What Materials Are Patio Storage Boxes Made From?

The material the box is made from determines its durability and maintenance. It’s of paramount importance to select a material that is apt for your outdoor use.
Some of the popular materials used are plastic, wood, and metal.

1. Plastic

Plastic boxes are super durable. When a waterproof outdoor storage box is required, these are the perfect option. They require very little maintenance in comparison to other materials. They won’t rust, rot, or get damaged easily. The only drawback here is that the color may fade over time and may become brittle due to UV exposure.

2. Wood

Wooden storage boxes add beauty and class to your patio. Depending on the type of wood used, it could even be moisture-resistant. However, they may not be incredibly durable as insects and bacteria can damage them.

3. Metal

Although metal boxes are durable, they may require repairs eventually. Another drawback is that metal could rust.

4. Resin

Resin deck boxes are the most practical choices, offering the durability and light weight of plastic. They are weather resistant, UV resistant and designed to look like wood, wicker or metal and if properly cared for, won’t fade, crack or splinter, over time.

Tempted By The Many Benefits Of Using Deck Boxes For Tidying Away Objects?

Maybe your house doesn’t have clutter and you just want a secure box to keep the cushions,  outdoor mats as well as doubling as extra seating or a table. They are ideal to store expensive items away whilst on vacation home.

 Many designs have casters or wheels which are ideal for portability, espcially if you have filled the patio storage box to the top. You can easily pull them around the patio by the handles. Make sure they are waterproof, or have an inner lining to keep items dry.

The benefits of using deck boxes or patio boxes as they are also known are a super-effective tool to de-clutter your outdoors areas from patios to pools. While they’re available in a huge variety of sizes and materials, knowing your needs will help you choose a patio box most suitable for your home.

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