The Best Large Outdoor Mat: 9′ x 13′ Reversible Mats For Camping, RV’s & Patio

which is the Best Large Outdoor Mat? We need a large outdoor rug for camping for our RV to keep the dirt out of the RV

Are you looking for the best large outdoor mat to keep an area clean when you are camping, or freshen up your outdoor patio? Whether you are car camping or RVing, keeping the surrounding space clean and tidy takes a bit more thought. Especially if you add kids and dogs into the mix!

Why Are Large Mats Useful?

How else can large outdoor rugs for camping be useful? For starters, when you arrive and start setting up you’ll often need to take furniture, kitchen things, tents etc out of the RV or car. A large outdoor RV rug is a great place to set things outside without them getting dirty…

Yes, they do all the above, plus they work a treat to make your space more welcoming and homely, an inviting ‘outdoor living room’ to spend time in

Neutral Colors Hide The Dirt

Ideally these mats are designed in unobtrusive colors to hide dirt, scuff marks and spills effectively. Those neutral colors are not so exciting, but they work a treat to hide dirt, muddy foot prints tracked in by the dogs and kids and more.

Dirt and mud can be easily brushed off with a stiff broom, or washed off with the hose and soapy water, even using the pressure washer works very well.

The attractively designed stone and aqua blue, Gertmenian  Neptune Outdoor Rug is an extra large 9′ x 13 mat which can suit multiple uses…

5 Of The Best Large Outdoor Mats

5 Of The Best Large Outdoor Mats​

Large Mats

Brand Name

Star Rating

More Details

Gertmenian Prime Label Collection Outdoor Rug, 9' x 13'

4.2 / 5 Stars

Reversible Mats 6-Feet x 9-Feet Outdoor Patio RV Camping Mat

4.6 / 5 Stars

The Courtyard Collection

4.4 / 5 Stars

Home Dynamix Patio_Mat 9.2' x 12.5' Blue/Gray

4.7 / 5 Stars

Lefebvre Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, 12' x 18'

4.2/ 5 Stars

What is The Best Material for Large Outdoor Mats For Decks, Camping & Rv’s?

The advantages of synthetic, plastic outdoor rugs are many. They look great, are affordable and durable. These large outdoor mats for decks, camping or RV’s are available in a great variety of colors and patterns to suit. Polypropylene rugs can capably work as both an indoor rug or outdoor mat. They quickly cover up large areas of a shabby deck or patio, giving you a clean fresh and inviting space in seconds.

There are a range of materials used for large outdoor mats for decks, so it’s not surprising why people ask “What is the best material for an outdoor rug?” While natural fibers look great and are environmentally friendly, they won’t last as long as synthetic polypropylene or plastic mats. Natural fiber rugs are not weather proof, plus they take ages to dry, and you sure as anything don’t want a wet smelly rug! Or deal with mold in time…

Can Outdoor Rugs Withstand Rain?

The short answer is yes. These synthetic outdoor rugs are designed to withstand rain, snow, sunshine extremely well. They are engineered with round “straws” which don’t absorb moisture or dirt and can capably withstand the elements. These huge outdoor mats are treated to be UV resistant, so check the manufacturers details.They resist staining and fading which makes them a sensible choice for any outdoor area.

We’ve created a helpful list of 11 tips to brighten up your patio. If you’ve needed some tips and suggestions on how to decorate your deck or patio to make it a nicer place be, we’re sure you’ll be inspired!

What is The Best Way to Clean Indoor Outdoor Carpets?

Cleaning indoor outdoor rugs is an easy process. They are durable and many are stain and mold resistant, so maintenance is a straightforward job.

Most rugs can be washed and scrubbed with a bucket of soapy water and a stiff broom, or even handle a pressure washer hosing according to some manufacturers. After you have scrubbed the fibers, hose off the soapy water.

Vacuuming regularly is important to keep dirt and debris out of the rug. Whilst synthetic rugs are mold resistant, mold may grow if moisture is a constant presence within the fibers. So to extend the the life of the rug, keeping it dry is important.

Once the dirt has been washed off, the rug can be air dried by draping the rug over the fence, or letting it dry on the grass or laying it on a sloping driveway to shorten drying time.

1) 9' x 13' Feet Polypropylene Outdoor Rug- 4 Gorgeous Colors and Patterns To Choose From

What if you could transform the look and feel of any space? Just because your rug is going outside, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and dull. Quite the contrary. This gorgeous 9′ x 13′ reversible rug from Gertmenian is available in 4 stylish colors and patterns, as well as a range of sizes, so you almost get 2 rugs for the price of one.

Freshen Up With The Best RV Patio Mat Today

With summer already here, why not choose to freshen up your patio with one of these stylish rugs with it’s pretty airy blue and white design…

Outdoor Rugs Keep The Space Cleaner

If you are looking for a huge outdoor mat for campers or an RV mat to keep the area in front of the RV clean and relatively dirt free, the taupe and aqua blue colorway would work well at hiding dirt and scuffs. These contemporary rugs can completely transform the look and feel of any space.

Another bonus, you can comfortably walk around barefoot without scorching the soles of your feet on the hot ground.

Made From Fade and Stain Resistant Materials

The best outdoor rugs are made from high quality materials like nylon or polypropylene. These materials are weatherproof and resist fading, mold, stains and many are UV resistant.

Gertmenian outdoor rugs are easily cleaned with warm soapy water and a broom. Once washed, use the hose to wash away detergent and hang over the fence or a flat surface to air dry.


2) 9' x 12' Rustic Design Reversible Mat For Camping, Home Or The RV

So, it’s time to set up after a long day’s travel in your RV. You are looking forward to relaxing with a crisp glass of white wine while the BBQ warms up under the trees. The lake stretches out in front of you and you are smiling in anticipation of heading off fishing tomorrow…

Outdoor rugs in neutral colors are the best colorways to hide the dirt which you, the kids or the dog inevitably track in. That’s why we really like the natural colors of this reversible mat, plus it’s a bit of fun to boot!

This 9′ x 12′ Camping Mat Won’t Break The Bank

When you own an RV, as you know there are a lot of costs involved and spending money on an expensive mat isn’t high on your list of priorities. This reversible outdoor rug won’t break the bank it’s so affordable. Conveniently available in 3 sizes and 3 colorways, the rustic theme makes you right at home in the great outdoors with the wolves, deer and moose silhouettes around the borders.

Designed from Lightweight 100% Polypropylene

Made of lightweight 100% polypropylene, this indoor outdoor rug is so easy to keep clean. All you need do is sweep it to brush mud off and if it gets wet, it’ll dry quickly once the weather warms up and the rain stops.

Roomy Carry Storage Bag Is Included

Included is a convenient carry bag and the reversible RV patio mat folds up nicely once you are ready to leave with a minimum of fuss. These rugs can sit on grass, dirt, or concrete, creating an inviting and comfortable area to relax in wherever you are.

Tie Down Loops Stop The Mat Flying Away

There are little tie down loops to peg the mat down to stop it blowing up in windy conditions. If you have had a strong wind flick your mat up, and push of items on the mat, you know how important it is to secure the mat!

Again this brand is weather resistant and the polypropylene is UV-coated to protect against sun damage and fading. and is mold and mildew resistant. It can be hosed down to clean the surface easily.

3) The Best Large Outdoor Mat: Classic Gorgeous Colors

The best large outdoor mats are those that stand the test of time. They look great. They are easy to clean, they lay flat, can handle high traffic and still look great.

If you are looking for the right outside mat that can withstand the elements, but at the same time look like a regular rug you can use indoors, we think we have one you’ll appreciate.

Chic, Classic Sturdy Design

This classic and durable rug from the Safavieh Collection could be the right choice for you. The design, is chic, classic and super sturdy. Made of 100% polypropylene which makes it feel soft underfoot, this rug has so much visual appeal, it works well wherever you decide to put it. It comes in a selection of sizes, colors and patterns so you are sure to find something to fit your decor.

Plus, It’s A Reversible Large Outdoor Camping Rug

And, whats even better- how often do you like to change out the look and design of the space? The appeal of this rug lies in its being reversible. One side is darker and the other is lighter, offering a completely different look. So, if one side gets too dirty in your travels, you can flip the RV patio rug over so it looks brand new until you can wash it down.

Dirt, Fade and Mold Resistant

This durable rug is designed from round synthetic polypropylene fiber which are mildew resistant, mold and stain resistant, and like the previous rugs, super easy to care for and clean. The best part, simply spray it down with the hose, and it will look like new again. We love the ease of cleaning, because lets face it, we have better things to do!

4 Gorgeous Colors

You can choose between 4 beautiful colorways, taupe, rust/red, navy and black. There are a variety of sizes to choose from so you’ll easily find the best size option to fit your size requirements.

Indoor Outdoor Rugs Add Style And Comfort

Reversible RV patio mats add character, style and comfort to your campsite, deck or patio. These polypropylene (plastic) mats are often reversible. There is a complimentary pattern on the opposite side, so you get 2 patterns for the price of one.

The Best Outdoor Mat for Camping –  Lightweight And Compact When Folded

When you need to pack away the mat, they roll or fold down easily. These outside rugs for campers, travelers and picnickers  are a useful addition for travel and camping because of their lightweight compact nature when folded. They take up a small space, making them easy to travel with and easy to store.  Whether you call them RV mats, RV awning mats or simply patio mats, you’ll be sure to find the right mat for you!

Keeping The RV Cleaner….

If you own an RV you know very well first-hand that as soon as someone walks in or out of the RV they inevitably always leave a little something behind. Whether it be it sand, mud, leaves, dirt, etc, you don’t want them tracked inside.

Choosing the best polypropylene mat for RV camping keeps debris inside your RV to a minimum. Additionally, these mats work exceptionally well to act as a barrier between you, your family and the elements.

Ever go camping after it has rained 3 or 4 days straight? You go to “take an urgent squat” only to find your backside soaked in wet mud. Although most RV camping mats are porous due to their woven design, they do act as a pretty good barrier between you and the elements. No more muddy messes, no more damp clothes! And that’s a good thing!

Benefits of The Best Outdoor Camping Mat For RV’s:

  • The ideal solution for keeping an outdoor area clean and looking nice. These indoor outdoor rugs are perfect solution when you are camping and caravaning to keep the camp site tidy
  • Superior color fast durability. The best quality indoor outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene, which is UV stabilized  to resist fading, mildew and mold.
  • An indoor outdoor rug does not retain water when it gets wet, so they don’t become wet, soggy or deteriorate.
  • A good shake and spot clean is usually all indoor outdoor rugs need. For heavy stains, you can hose them off and hang them up to dry.


Polypropylene rugs look like a natural fiber in appearance, but unlike natural fibers, these rugs do not absorb water. This makes them well suited for outdoor areas and wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms or basements.

Polypropylene indoor outdoor rugs are multi-functional and perfect for when you are caravanning, camping just needing a beautiful rug to create atmosphere. They feel much softer underfoot than most natural fiber rugs.

How Are These Mats From From Recycled Plastic Made?

These RV camping mats are typically colorful and reversible. They are created from Polypropylene  straws which are basically plastic made from blown and colored straw. The straws are then woven using a special machine into the colorful mat designs you see around the campgrounds.

Generally the mats are designed and created in 3 or 5-foot panels with each panel being sewn together to get the final  increments in dimensions of 3 feet: 6′ x 9′, 9′ x 12′ and 9′ x 18′ .

These are the most popular sizes which you’ll find readily available. The seam that is created in each mat by joining panels is what makes the mats so easy to fold and store. You won’t see the joins as they are pretty much invisible.  All of which make them perfect for RV’ing and camping when space is at a tight premium and packing must be light….


Use Corner Stakes To Keep Your Area Mat In Place...

Corner tie downs, used in conjunction with patio rug stakes, will keep your large sized indoor outdoor rug neatly in place. You don’t want it blowing away when its windy or worse, have someone accidentally tripping over one of its corners!

If you are using the area mat when you are caravanning or camping, it’s a good idea to use these nifty re-usable stakes by Prest-O-Fit  which come in a pack of 6, to holding down the best large outdoor mat you’ve found to keep a tidy campsite. They’ll hold down your  beautiful large size indoor outdoor rug down, so it doesn’t blow away!

Wrap Up Of Our RV Patio Mat Reviews

The best large outdoor mats come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Whether your taste runs to conventional mats, or fun, colored and patterned indoor outdoor rugs , chances are you will find the perfect mat for you.

Many are available at competitive prices, but we prefer to choose well known brands and those which more neutral in design with complimentary colors.

Each to their own, and you really can’t go wrong with these tough durable plastic outdoor rugs!

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