The Best Large Outdoor Mat: 9′ x 12′ Camping And RV Reversible Patio Mat!

best large outdoor matAre you looking for the perfect big indoor outdoor rug to keep an area clean when you are camping or simply to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor patio? Take a look at the best large outdoor mat, the attractively designed khaki and hunter green, Guide Gear large sized indoor outdoor rug which can suit multiple uses…

The advantages of buying a synthetic, large sized indoor outdoor rug is firstly they look so good, are affordable and durable, plus you can use a big rug as both an indoor rug and / or an outdoor rug. They can perfectly and quickly cover up large areas of a shabby deck or patio, giving you a clean fresh and inviting space in seconds.

Available In 2 Colors And Comfortably Fits 4-6 Adults

If you are wanting to make an area more attractive by adding color, style and texture, then the Guide Gear 9′ x 12′ is the best large outdoor mat which could be the perfect solution for you…especially as it is available in 2 colors. This mat is plenty large enough to comfortably sit 2 to 4 adults.

High Quality Indoor Outdoor Rugs Add A Touch Of Elegance

Reversible RV / Patio Mats add a touch of elegance to your campsite, deck or patio. These are high quality Polypropylene (plastic) mats which are reversible. There is a complimentary pattern on the opposite side, so you get 2 patterns for the one low price.

Lightweight And Compact When Folded

The Guide Gear is the best quality indoor outdoor rug for camping as it’s lightweight and compact when folded, making it easy to travel with and easy to store. What’s even better is, these reversible patio mats are stain and fade resistant and clean up is a breeze. Whether you call them RV mats, RV awning mats or simply patio mats, Guide Gear Mats offer high quality reversible mats that are simply gorgeous and functional.

Choosing The Best Polypropylene Mat For An RV Will Keep The RV Cleaner….

If you own an RV you know very well first-hand that as soon as someone walks in or out of the RV they inevitably always leave a little something behind. Whether it be it sand, mud, leaves, dirt, etc, you don’t want them tracked inside.

Choosing the best polypropylene mat for RV camping keeps debris inside your RV to a minimum. Additionally, these mats work exceptionally well to act as a barrier between you, your family and the elements.

Ever go camping after it has rained 3 or 4 days straight? You go to “take an urgent squat” only to find your backside soaked in wet mud. Although most RV camping mats are porous due to their woven design, they do act as a pretty good barrier between you and the elements. No more muddy messes, no more damp clothes! And that’s a good thing!

Benefits of The Best Polypropylene Mat For RV’s:

  • The ideal solution for keeping an outdoor area clean and looking nice. These indoor outdoor rugs are perfect solution when you are camping and caravaning to keep the camp site tidy
  • Superior color fast durability. The best quality indoor outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene, which is UV stabilized  to resist fading, mildew and mold.
  • An indoor outdoor rug does not retain water when it gets wet, so they don’t become wet, soggy or deteriorate.
  • A good shake and spot clean is usually all indoor outdoor rugs need. For heavy stains, you can hose them off and hang them up to dry.


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Polypropylene rugs look like a natural fiber in appearance, but unlike natural fibers, these rugs do not absorb water. This makes them well suited for outdoor areas and wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms or basements.

Polypropylene indoor outdoor rugs are multi-functional and perfect for when you are caravanning, camping just needing a beautiful rug to create atmosphere. They feel much softer underfoot than most natural fiber rugs.

The Best Large Outdoor Mat Which Is Reversible: The Style Rug

large sized indoor outdoor rug
best outdoor mat for rv

We really love the colors of this large size indoor outdoor rug which measures a large 9′ x 12′.  The contrasting muted Khaki and Hunter green colors are extremely attractive. The simple design features moose around the edges with a strong geometrical focus.

The reverse side of the Guide Gear 9 x 12 area rug features exactly the same prints,but with inverted colors. Despite being a large rug, it folds easily for storage and transport to tuck away in the corner of your RV, caravan or tent.

Many customers have bought this rug for their RV or caravan and said what a difference it has made in keeping the area in front of their RV clean, as well stopping dirt being tracked inside. They commented on the Guide Gear as being exceptionally durable

How Are These Mats From From Recycled Plastic Made?

These RV camping mats are typically colorful and reversible. They are created from Polypropylene  straws which are basically plastic made from blown and colored straw. The straws are then woven using a special machine into the colorful mat designs you see around the campgrounds.

Generally the mats are designed and created in 3 or 5-foot panels with each panel being sewn together to get the final  increments in dimensions of 3 feet: 6′ x 9′, 9′ x 12′ and 9′ x 18′ .

These are the most popular sizes which you’ll find readily available. The seam that is created in each mat by joining panels is what makes the mats so easy to fold and store. You won’t see the joins as they are pretty much invisible.  All of which make them perfect for RV’ing and camping when space is at a tight premium and packing must be light….

Use Corner Stakes To Keep Your Area Mat In Place…



Corner tie downs, used in conjunction with patio rug stakes, will keep your large sized indoor outdoor rug neatly in place. You don’t want it blowing away when its windy or worse, have someone accidentally tripping over one of its corners!

If you are using the area mat when you are caravanning or camping, it’s a good idea to use these nifty re-usable stakes by Prest-O-Fit which come in a pack of 6, to holding down the best large outdoor mat you’ve found to keep a tidy campsite. They’ll hold down your  beautiful large size indoor outdoor rug down, so it doesn’t blow away!

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