Cancun Outdoor Rug In Mediterranean Shades Of Turquoise & Moss Green

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An Outdoor Rug Transforms A Deck Into An Inviting Space

An outdoor rug looks fantastic on a porch or patio and they can quickly brighten up your outdoor living areas. Many people aren’t aware that rugs can be made for outdoor use, they think of rugs as floor coverings features for the indoors. This is not so! Rugs can be used anywhere and they function to protect, add comfort and for visual aesthetic effects. The Cancun outdoor rug by Fab Habitat makes a brilliant style statement in jeweled Mediterranean colors of turquoise blue and moss green.

Make your living space your own while still being kind to your environment.

Benefits Of the Cancun Outdoor Rug:

  • Bring the Greek isles to your patio with this jeweled turquoise blue and moss green patio rug
  • Available in a great choice of 7 fabulous colors to suit any space
  • Available in 4 sizes- 3’x5′, 4’x6′, 5’x8′ and 6’x9′
  • Woven from UV, premium grade weather resistant polypropylene straws made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Fade Resistant and reversible, change the look of your outdoors area
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor uses: also great for camping trips, the beach and picnics
  • Very lightweight and transportable, includes eco-friendly jute bag
  • Easy care and washable, just shake or hose off the Cancun for easy cleaning. You can use a mild detergent or vinegar solution to freshen and clean any stains off


Colors Are Important In An Outdoor Rug

The color of an outdoor rug is important because it will get a lot of wear and tear, such as being exposed to all types of weather, being walked on by dirty feet, pets and children. A multicolored patio rug hides any stains or dirt and you won’t see those scratches or smudge marks on a multicolored rug as you will on a plain rug. This ensures your rug remains looking in great condition at all times.

An outdoor rug dresses your outdoor “room”, is soft to walk on, offering timeless elegance

Fab Habitat Cancun Outdoor Rug Is A Classic Style

The classic striped pattern of the Cancun rug makes it easy to incorporate into any room, while the array of vibrant hues makes it a regular best seller. The multicolored straws are carefully blended together to create a unique pattern every time.

These beautifully crafted rugs are made following the fair trade principles. Fab Habitat rugs add a touch of elegance and looks stunning in any position, at home indoors, outdoors, on the patio or at the beach house.


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