You’ll Love The Best Indoor Outdoor Rug This Season

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Quality Fab Habitat Rugs Are Useful In Any Space….

We were browsing Amazon, looking for good indoor outdoor rugs in a traditional style Kilim that we could use anywhere, even at the beach to act as something we could lie on. We wanted to minimize our budget and make the most of our dollars by making the floor rug a multi tasking item in our house.

We found what we wanted when we came across the Fab Habitat Reversible Rug, the Lhasa – Orange & Violet mat. We fell in love with the richly vibrant glowing colors of orange and violet which instantly brightened up our patio. This rug is made from premium grade, power loomed polypropylene materials and it’s amazing. I must say the colors are even better than the photos on Amazon once we received it. One side is predominantly bright orange, violet with some greens and the other side is more muted with greens, orange and violet.

As we spend a lot of time in the warmer months enjoying our patio, we realized the space needed brightening up. It had gotten rather drab over the years. So we added  a water feature, some fairy lights plus some storage boxes to tidy away the grandchildren’s toys…

We  created a handy list of 11 easy tips to brighten up your patio. If you’re looking for some useful suggestions for decorating your deck or patio, we’re sure you’ll be inspired!

The Benefits Of being Reversible…

The Fab Habitat Lhasa is a reversible floor rug, so I don’t have to wash it every time. We can simply turn it over to the other side which is clean:) You can sweep of the mud once it has dried, or using a broom, wash the mat down with with warm soapy water and a broom. Cleaning it this way takes all of 10 minutes and they come up as new again.

Benefits of the Fab Habitat Lhasa Rug:

  • Available in 3 richly jewelled colors
  • Reversible rug in vibrant orange, violet, taupe and green
  • Size choice of -3’x5′, 4’x6′, 5’x8′ and 6’x9′
  • Woven from dirt and fade resistant premium grade polypropylene straws made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Washable, just shake or hose off for easy cleaning
  • 100% Reversible, change the look to suit your decor
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor home decor
  • Includes Eco-friendly jute bag


 Choose Indoor Outdoor Rugs For Ease Of Portability…

llhasa best indoor outdoor rugsThe fact that Fab Habitat Lhasa make indoor outdoor rugs that are very lightweight made me to love it even more.

I am able to to take the Lhasa anywhere such as to the beach, for a picnic by the river, for the babies to roll on, and for making my kitchen, dining area or patio an appealing and inviting place to spend time in. If you are looking for larger 9 x 12 mats, these are a useful selection of large outdoor mats available.

Fab Habitat Mats Are Made From 100% Recycled Materials

These types of indoor outdoor rugs don’t stain easily because they are created from recycled plastics and shed the dirt. We don’t have to clean the rug regularly. It is actually woven from polypropylene straws made from recycled plastic which is the reason why it stays clean for longer. The dirt simply slides of the firm round surface. We have never washed the one we bought over a month ago.

Cleaning is simple when it gets dirty, the only thing you need to do, is to shake it off or just hose it off for easy cleaning.

The colors of the Fab Habitat Lhasa indoor outdoor rug are so bright, warm and magnificent.

The orange and violet colors are set off by all the textured green leaves of various pot plants and serve to make the house look quite wonderful. It adds a touch of bright elegance to our home. We have since bought another Lhasa rug for our outdoor meals area on our deck.

 I like the jute storage bag the Lhasa floor mat comes with. We can roll it up and store it neatly over the winter months when we don’t use our out door living areas.

Indoor Outdoor Rugs Can Be Used Anywhere…

Fab Habitat Lhasa outdoor floor rugs are definitely suitable for both indoor use and outdoor use which makes the floor rug particularly versatile. We have the 6’x 9′ Lhasa rug and we are very happy with its durability, looks and quality.

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